CCP Staff end year party
We wrapped up our 2018 year with a joyous, reflective CCP Staff Party. All glory was given to God for bringing each of us through the year healthy and deeper in our faith with the Lord. Staff was welcomed to the Acacia Tree Lodge with a light breakfast, and then the morning's activities began. Staff were separated into four groups, and in these groups they had one Christmas song to perform for the crowd in an acapella/Pentatonix-style! All four groups sounded like they could record a new album of Christmas jingles. We entered a time of reflection, where every staff member had an opportunity to reminisce back on the year of how God has been faithful to them and share it with the group. We laughed, we cried, and we encouraged one another by being together one last time before the holidays. Following lunch, we had a gift exchange. Staff were excited to receive anything from new rugs, bow ties, coffee mugs, supermarket gift cards, bed sheets, and many other items as a gift from CCP. We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2019! May Christ be ever close to your heart as you seek Him!
Group A representing a Christmas carols
Praise and worship
Meal time
Enjoying meals
Happy for the gifts
December babies happy birthday
Our group of ladies looking beautiful
Our group of gentlemen looking sharp
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