Reasonate With the Season
In addition to children's morning VBS, by God's grace we were also able to welcome the youth of CCP and the community for Youth VBS in the afternoon. Following praise and worship, the issue of peer pressure was addressed. They were encouraged to resolve in their minds who they are so they can stand strong against pressure, as well as to choose friends wisely because they are a strong influence on how we live. Stanley Kibathi from The Gideons International gave each of the Youth a gift of Gideon Bibles. In small group they discussed how they can overcome negative pressure and be a positive influence instead. This is a great prayer point for CCP. Our young adults are bombarded daily by negative pressure to conform to the ways of the world. Please pray for their eyes to remain fixed on the Lord and that He directs their steps!
The Youth praise and worship team
Pst. Stanley from The Gideons International giving a word of wisdom to the Youth
A moment of silence to worship God in prayer
Prayer time
Some words of advice from Peter, CCP's Youth Volunteer
Listening Keenly
Bible gifts from The Gideons International
Group Discussion
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