Reason for the Season
Jesus is the Reason for the Season!! As we approach Christmas, we are so grateful to the Lord for allowing us the chance to host our first ever November Vacation Bible School (VBS)! A one week Children VBS runs from November 5th- 9th 2018. At Kawangware Community Center and Ngando Solid Rock Center, we had hundreds of children join us in the morning for worship, lesson time, crafts, and games! Throughout the week we are covering the story of Christ's birth and the events surrounding this. Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of these little ones as they learn and grow in their understanding of the Lord, that they'll desire a personal relationship with Him.
A GNC teacher demonstrating a point using the kids as an example
Children listening attentively
Day 1 Memory Verse
Children concentrating in the lesson
Children at the VBS opening ceremony
Showing off their crafts
Crafts time
Competing during Games time
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