2018 End Year Guardians Training
On November 3rd 2018 one hundred and fifty CCP guardians attend the bi-monthly training on “Nutrition and Wellness” at Maranatha Assemblies, Kawangware. It started with praise and worship thereafter, Pastor Fredrick CCP’s Youth and Children Coordinator led the devotion on 1 King chapter 17 verse 7-16. Fredrick encouraged the guardians on generosity and obedience like the widow of Zarephath in the Bible who gave Elijah the little food she had. God was faithful and provided more than enough for her and her household during the famine period. Afterwards, the guardians were given tips by Consolata the counsellor on how to prepare cheap and affordable balanced diet meals. In addition they were advised to create time for their children and give them chance to express themselves while they still maintain discipline especially in the November December holidays which is a long holiday. Jacqueline CCP Director of finance thanked the parents for the continued support throughout the year and wished them merry Christmas and happy new year 2019.
Worship moment
Pastor Fredrick preaching
Consolata talking to the guardians
Reading the Bible
Guardian asking question
Guardian giving suggestion
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