Prayer Day for Class 8 Candidates
Our CCP 8th and 12th grade students will be taking their Kenyan National Exam (called KCP and KCSE respectively) this coming week, which will qualify them for certain levels of high school and college. On Friday we held a Prayer Day at CCP Academy for the class 8 students. We wanted to show our support of our students in this way, as sitting for their exams can be a very stressful time. The afternoon opened with praise and worship, and then Head Teacher Hilda welcomed the guardians and guests. Pastor Lukale gave the Word to candidates on success and then prayed over each child with their guardian standing and praying with them as well. Success cards were given to each child from their teacher, from guardians, and from CCP staff. The prayer time of course concluded with cake, soda, and group photos! We are so proud of how far our 8th grade students have come in their education, and we anxiously anticipate their high test scores next week. Please keep all class 8 and Form 4 candidates in your prayers!
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