Church for the Nations Visits CCP!
CCP had the privilege of welcoming visitors from Arizona and Church for the Nations to the Academy and office. The trip leader and pastor of the church in Arizona, Tim, gave a short word of encouragement to the Academy students at their Friday morning assembly. After the students welcomed our visitors, they were dismissed to their respective classes where they danced and sang worship songs with the guests. Each classroom had one or more visitors in their grade giving them a Bible lesson for their morning devotion. Students gathered for a final word of prayer on the lawn by Tim's wife Stephanie. After tea break and hearing all about CCP Academy from Head Teacher Hilda and Education Coordinator Benard, the guests were split into 3 groups for home visits in Kawangware and Ngando. Every group returned to the office moved by the stories they had heard from the families and beneficiaries of CCP. Many single guardians are taking care of multiple children on very little income. Their faith is big that God will always provide a way…and He does! Thank you, Tim, Stephanie, Ben, Esther, Mark, Alicia, Penny, and Savannah for visiting us to share the love of Jesus with our children!
ShoSho Penny hanging with the kiddos.
The team introducing themselves to CCP Academy students!
Pastor Tim prays with the CCP Academy students.
Mark and Savannah with CCP Staff Irene, Faith, guest Esther, and Hannah.
Tim and Stephanie visit Mama Joseph with Geoffrey, Hannah, Jacque, and Fred.
The kids passionately praising the Lord at Friday morning devotions.
Academy students gather to receive prayer from the team.
The students loved hearing from our visitors about what the Lord has done in their lives.
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