CCP Academy's First Computer Class
We are excited to announce that the launch of Computer Training Classes at CCP Academy occurred Wednesday, September 12th! The kids could hardly contain their excitement upon entering the makeshift computer lab (6th grade classroom rearranged) and opening the generous donation of 25 brand new Dell laptops from our friend Debby McNichols. Classes 4 through 7 began their lessons with going over the definition of computer, the components of a computer, and the different types of computer. Then they were asked to open their laptops and turn them on. A tangible excitement could be felt in the classroom, and the 4th graders even clapped and cheered when the lights came on their laptop. Teachers asked the students to try various functions, such as moving the cursor around with the trackpad, pointing to various keys on the keyboard, practicing preliminary typing on Word, and even taking some computer selfies with the Camera function. (Definitely their favorite part!) This is a monumental step in the growth of CCP Academy. Our students will feel empowered with these practical computer skills as the digital age continues to expand and impact all communities. Our words of gratitude to Debby and to the faithfulness of God could never be enough! But that is what we have, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are so loved and appreciated here by your family in Kenya! God bless you abundantly as you have blessed us.
Intense observing and learning going on here.
Students were eager to answer whatever Teacher Damaris asked regarding computers.
The 4th graders were soaking up everything about computers!
Teacher Simiyu helping his 6th grade students out.
4th graders waiting anxiously outside the computer lab!
Can you see the excitement??
Teacher showing students the trackpad function.
Junior was all smiles during computer class.
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