Staff Training with Pastor Michael Kisaka
We were happy to host Pastor Michael Kisaka from Christ's Church of the Valley this last week to train our CCP staff on leadership qualities. The morning started with the heavy topic of facing the shadows of your past. By looking at the story of Jacob in the Bible, his family and how he was raised, we saw the patterns of lying, favoritism, and family separation that ran from Abraham through Isaac through Jacob and even to Jacob's sons. We filled out our own family "Genogram" to unpack who we are based on our respective families. The only way to move forward in God's ultimate purpose for your life, you must look in the past and learn from it. Michael shared a quote from Pete Scezzaro, "The more we know about our families, the more we know about ourselves, the more freedom we have to make decisions about how we want to live." Several brave souls shared their family genogram, and then we split into pairs or small groups to discuss and pray over family conflicts and shadows in our past we still need to face. In the afternoon sessions, Michael encouraged us greatly with the topics of Excellence, Rhythms of Life, and Time Management. We strive to create a culture of excellence at CCP through consistency, constant improvement, creativity, and going the extra mile. The way in which we will achieve excellence is by having objectives, clear vision, creating a good team around, having accountability, healthy conflict, resolution, celebrating small victories, copying great ideas, and by encouraging one another. Michael taught us about the rhythms of life and how Sabbath was made for man by God in order to bring us back to focusing on Him. He knows how the world distracts us, and He wants us to learn to say no in order to spend much needed time in communion with Him. This tied in with Michael's words on time management. We must keep the main thing the main thing. When we get consumed with peripheral tasks, we'll be drained. With an inspiring objective and safe boundaries, you will successfully manage your time. We praise God for bringing Michael to us safely and for Christ speaking to us and energizing us through Michael! We feel motivated to create our team objective and to incorporate the key results in order to reach that final objective!
Diving into the Word
All staff training at Maisha Poa in Kawangware.
Irene diligently taking notes.
Praying for each other after a time of debrief.
Untangling the human knot!
Sharing and Praying as a Team builds strong bonds.
Michael walking us through the Genogram.
Everyone was greatly encouraged by the time Michael spent with us!
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