3rd Annual CCP Hosted Soccer Tournament
Chosen Children of Promise hosted our 3rd annual soccer tournament on Saturday, August 18th, 2018. The tournament featured eight teams, four teams of junior youth and four teams of senior youth. From CCP there were four representing teams, and we hosted Bridge International, Bethany School, Adonai, Bible Baptist, Prince of Peace, and Team Winners. The day opened with praise and worship led by CCP Head Teacher Hilda followed by an encouraging message from the word of God from Pastor Fredrick, CCP's Spiritual Coordinator. CCP's intent with the soccer tournament was an outreach event to the local community. God was glorified by the day as we made Him the center focus, even for visiting students who may not have regular exposure with the Gospel. The games commenced with Benard, CCP's Educational Coordinator giving a word of encouragement and rules for the day. Participation awards were given to Bible Baptist, Prince of Peace, and Adonai. Top Scorer was Miss Belinda Akinyi from Winners Team. For Junior Girls and Junior Boys in rank from 1st to 3rd were the same results: CCP Academy, Bridge International, and Bethany School. The results for Senior Girls were disqualified for misconduct on a visiting team's account. Senior Boys results were 1st Place Team Winners, 2nd Place CCP, and 3rd Place Adonai. For Overall Rank with timekeeping, integrity, tally of teams' wins/losses, etc taken into account, 1st Place Overall was CCP, 2nd Place Team Winners, 3rd Place Bridge International, and 4th Place Bethany School. Our thanks to sponsors For The Boys (FTB) and Pokea Afya Foundation for helping to put on this event! We could not have done it without you!
Sarah and Loise are all smiles.
Celebrating the Junior Boys goal! They dominated in both of their games, we were proud of the hard work they've been putting in at practice to end up here!
Senior Boys huddling at Half-time to pump up.
Girl Huddle at Half-time.
Overall Winners!! Staff and Students pose with the well-deserved trophy.
Highest Scorer Belinda-a very talented athlete!
CCP Girls fought hard in their games, then it was time for pictures!
Griffin with a GOAL!!!
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