CCP Academy opens for third term
On Tuesday, August 28, 2018 CCP Academy opened for Term Three. Pupils were prompt to arrive with their guardian, uniforms, books, and supplies, excited for their final term before the long holiday in November and December. The students heard remarks from Pastor Fred, Teacher Horace, Head Teacher Hilda and Finance Director Jacque. The term's theme was announced by the teacher on duty, Horace; the pupils will be reiterating this phrase throughout the term, "Make Wise Decisions". They have 8 weeks of studies before the students in Class 8 will sit for the Kenyan national exams to qualify for high school placement. Please keep the students in your prayers as they get back into the routine of school. Pray for their home situations to support their academic pursuits, the health of students, teachers, and guardians, and pray for the students to have endurance in their studies and wisdom in their decision-making.
"Make Wise Decisions" is the Term Motto, and the kids want to remember this.
Jacque encourages CCP Academy Students to work hard this term.
Comfort Joyce and her mama
Kevin is ready to take on the term!
Goofy Girls! Class 4
Pastor Fred encouraging students with a message from God's Word.
Faith leading Praise and Worship with the students.
Festus and Godfrey on the first day of school with their mom.
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