Kwaheri Lunch for CCV Visitors
We had an amazing 10 days with our guests visiting from Christ's Church of the Valley! We are very sad to see them go, but we always say that itís just a "see you later" because we will surely see all of our friends again! Leaders Wendy and Josephine led their sheep faithfully, and everyone from CCP staff felt connected to the team of 11: Hugo and Kristi, ShoSho Nancy, Dawn, Valerie, Shannon, Michael, Ronny, Mikayla, Caitlyn, and Charlotte. Kwaheri lunch was enjoyed as representatives from the CCP staff thanked the visitors for being the hands and feet of Jesus and coming to Kenya. Everyone from CCV spoke to CCP as well about the great influence their time in Kenya had been and how Christ was glorified at Vacation Bible School. There were a few tears shed, as memories of the last week and a half leaked out. Final pictures were taken and goodbyes were said. The team had a safe arrival to the airport, and we praise God for the time they spent with us in Nairobi, Kenya. We welcome each and every one of them back again when God allows it!
Hugo and Kristi give a tearful, heartfelt 'see you later' word to CCP staff. You will be missed!
CCP Staff and CCV Team enjoy a last meal together while giving appreciation for God's grace to bring us all together.
Jacob and Charlotte were smooth on the dance floor!
Shannon and Irene dancing down the line to a gift for Shannon!
Caitlyn and Head Teacher Hilda had a special bond throughout the week
Michael and the Boys!
Work it, ladies! Fun times for Jacque, Dawn, Irene, and Stella
The CC's formed a very deep bond over the last 10 days. CCV team, you will be missed, but you know your family will always welcome you home to Kenya whenever God allows you to come! Wendy, Josephine, Nancy, Ronny, Valerie, Mikayla, Caitlyn, Shannon, Hugo, Kristi, Dawn, Charlotte, and Michael...ASANTE SANA for everything, may God richly bless you for being a part of CCP!
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