American Lunch and Youth Talent Show
Chosen Children of Promise Community Center hosted the team visiting from CCV and the youth on Saturday following VBS so everyone could have one last chance to hang out and enjoy fellowship. The visitors made an American meal of chili, hot dogs, and homemade corn tortilla chips. Everyone was extremely satisfied with the meal and grateful for the gift CCV brought! Following the meal, several students performed in a talent show for their peers and the visitors. The audience enjoyed several performances of spoken word, including one by CCP intern and beneficiary Kefah Kariuki, dance routines, an awesome Swahili Christian rap, and even a “roast” session. MC Jacob invited the American guests to stage for a dance, followed by all of CCP staff to lead the others in their moves. Guests were given the chance to encourage the students with a final word. There were some tearful goodbyes, and even a certain troublemaker named ShoSho Nancy hid in the bushes to try to stay behind. We thank God for the amazing relationships that were formed, the lessons learned and advice given, and we continue to pray for these youth to seek Christ above all else. Thank you, CCV, for continuing to send teams to love on these kids!
They say Saturdays are for the boys...Michael and the boys did awesome preparing much of the food!
Students pray for lunch at Community Center
Tonny didn't look too sure about the American food...but loved it in the end!
Hannah, Mikayla, Josephine, Hilda, and Shannon serving chili.
Dawn serving lots of love!
Wendy always serves so faithfully! Thank you for blessing us with tortilla chips this time around, Wendy and team.
The reaction was priceless when the team realized they won...meaning a prize of sweets, soda and more food from lunch!
Of course ShoSho Nancy attempted to stay behind with us by hiding in the bushes...this time she was joined by partner-in-crime Charlotte!
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