August 2018 Final Day VBS
Our final day of Vacation Bible School was a joy through and through! In the morning, the kids were full of energy as they sang and danced to the new songs they learned over the week. In lesson and skit time, they heard the story of Jesusí death on the cross and his resurrection. Each child was given the opportunity to give his or her life to Christ! In craft, the kids all received a Gospel Story booklet with the colors to represent how we have sin, Christ died to purify our hearts, and as we believe and put our faith in Him, we grow and are baptized into this new life. Our visitors were very sad to see the kids walk out the gate that day, but we are sure they will return as soon as they are able and God allows to continue forming these connections! In the afternoon for Youth VBS, Hugo from CCV brought the message and invitation for altar call. Praise God, many youth students were bold to declare they wanted to give their life to Christ and ask Him to redeem their hearts. Small group time was spent going over the final topic of helplessness. Game time was a blast as usual, with a cup race game and MC Jacobís usual antics to rally the crowd.
Denzel and Righton, or should we say Spiderman and Captain America??, face off in tug-of-war during game time!
Hugo and actors presenting the Passion skit.
Sweet Marsha posing for the camera! She is full of the joy of the Lord!
Jonah playing a very important part in the last day's skit.
Kids are intent on learning the worship songs the CCV team brought with them!
Small groups were led by each of the visiting friends. Kristi built a deep bond with her group!
Winners!!! All of Kawangware could hear the shouts of joy when a team won!
Praying with Pastor Fred over the week and all that was absorbed...may God continue to minister to these young people!
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