CCP Board Linkage Meeting
On July 21st, 2018 Chosen Children of Promise held a board linkage meeting at Maisha Poa, Kawangware. The aim of the meeting was to connect with each other and receive feedback in relation to CCP as an organization from its stakeholders. In attendance were the CCP Board Members: Charity Wainaina, Gaitano Simiyu, Francis Kataka, Jacqueline Ngige & Stella Mwangi. Also present were CCP Academy stakeholders, including teachers' representatives, students and parents. The meeting started with breakfast and thereafter, Stella informed the team on the plan to start construction of CCP Academy in August. Following Stella's address, Jacqueline made them understand that CCP Academy is fully registered as an examination center. "We are excited to announce to you that this year CCP Academy will sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) at our Community Centre", Jacqueline updated. Insights were given by each team with the board responding to some issues raised. Horace Rabuor, CCP Academy teacher expressed the benefit of the academy because it focuses on academic performance and character formation. CCP offers an opportunity where it gets primary solid information from its stakeholders to help them evaluate and do better on various programs. Board linkage meetings are held once a year and target various shareholders which include CCP Academy, sponsorship as well as the staff.
Stella, CCP's Managing Director & Board Member responding to the Student
One of the Students giving her views
Taking some notes
At the meeting
Charity, Board Member responding to some issues raised
Listening carefully
Serving breakfast
Some Consultation
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