11th Entrepreneurship Class Graduation
CCP graduated its 11th Entrepreneurship Class on Wednesday, July 25th at Maranatha Assemblies in Kawangware. The ceremony began with praise and worship led by Faith, followed by a word from Damaris on the theme for the class,"Talent is Treasure". The graduates have been given extraordinary talents from God, and now they have even had an educational course with guest speakers and experiential trips to nurture those God-given gifts. By God's grace they will further His kingdom so their talent becomes treasure. Following Damaris' word, the graduates presented skits on customer service, responded to the question of their main takeaway from the class, and sang to attendees a song they had been preparing throughout the class. To note is that one student, Jessica, has already started a business! Following class or home duties ending at 4pm, she goes into town and sells ground nuts and returns by 7pm. She credits this class for inspiring her to take initiative in this way! Finance Director Jacque gave a word of counsel and encouragement to the graduates, reminding them that presentation, confidence, and persistence were key to their success. Teacher Benard officially graduated the students and each one was handed his or her certificate. Special thanks were given to the class representatives and students with high test scores. Congratulations, graduates! All the best to you in your entrepreneurship ventures!
Closing Prayer from Damaris over the graduates
Song preparation from several graduates
11th graduating class presenting to attendees
Teacher Benard addresses the students
The Ladies of Entrepreneurship Class!
The 11th Graduating Entrepreneurship Class! Congratulations!!
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