Good-bye for Now S2L and WCHS!
Saying good-bye is always our least favorite part, but we make it a fun celebration to send our new friends off with laughs! Kwaheri, the ‘see you later’ party at the CCP Community Center held on Monday, included thanks by the Academy’s student president, teacher Hilda and teacher Horace, Stella, and several social workers and volunteers who were especially touched by the visiting teams. Gifts were presented to each of the guests with song. The many thanks were returned to our staff, as Simply2Love and Susie had provided a cake and prepared a game for CCP staff, which turned into a hilarious experience of “stealing Bibles”. Typically called White Elephant gift exchange in the U.S., Susie had wrapped enough gifts for all the staff, and they chose one at random as their number was called. The desirable gifts included dresses, S2L shirts, Bibles, and karaoke microphones. Insanity ensued! Final pictures were taken and goodbyes were said. The teams will be so missed and we look forward to seeing them again next year!
Dylan and a few new CCP friends
A Happy Farewell because We'll See You All Again Soon!
CCP Academy Singing Farewell to our Friends
A Huge Thank You to Debby for Laptops & Computer Training!
Luke and CCP Friends!
We love you Susie and Dana!
Maddie and CCP friends!
Thanks for Everything, Peggy!
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