Laptops and Computer Training for CCP Academy
We serve a good Father who loves to bless us beyond our wildest dreams! As the Simply2Love team visited us this past week, they brought with them 25 brand new Dell laptops for our teachers and students at CCP Academy! Praise the Lord! Debby McNichols has been working with Stella to organize computer and coding training for the last year, and she was finally able to visit us with this amazing gift! We are so grateful to her and all the hard work she put into providing us these laptops. She held training with the Academy teachers Monday-Friday. In the fall, the teachers will go through the coding program called Scratch so that later they can train the students during Africa Code Week. The students will be able to design games just from one week intensive coding training. We thank God for Debby, her company SAP, and all the other beneficiaries who have made this advance possible!
Teacher Horace and Head Teacher Hilda enraptured by new knowledge
Teacher Camaline soaks up new information about "Rachel" computer system
Teacher Evans and Teacher Davis
Debby and Teacher Damaris
Introducing "Rachel", the educational database CCP will be utilizing soon!
Awesome students taking notes of Debby's class
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