CCP's June 2018 Free Medical Camp
On June 16th, 2018, Chosen Children of Promise held the free medical camp sponsored by our partner organization Simply2Love. Our visiting friends from Western Christian High School and Simply2Love in California helped throughout the day. There were 6 doctors, 2 pharmacists, 2 nurses and 2 nutritionists present to provide the aid our community needs in the areas of doctor consultation, dental care, Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT), cancer screening, prayer and pharmacy. We praise the Lord this camp attracted 534 people from the local community! The day started with a word from the book of John 3:1-21 by Fredrick, CCP Youth and Children Coordinator. He welcomed all who were there, and he encouraged them that all that is needed to see the kingdom of heaven is to be born again in water and spirit. CCP Medical Coordinator Mable welcomed everyone, and the camp began at 9AM. Patients started with registration where they were given numbers according to their arrival time. Upon being called, they went to the observation room where nurses checked their weight, height, and blood pressure. Everyone was given De-wormer medicine and children were advised on nutrition. After that each patient had a one-on-one doctor consultation. At the dental care station, 95 people were treated on extraction of teeth and filling of teeth, and at VCT 40 people had one-on-one private counseling with the doctors. Cancer screening attended to 26 people. Following these stations, every patient went to the prayer room to pray with a CCP Spiritual staff member or a visitor. We thank God for the 46 people who gave their lives to Christ! 2 children, 19 rededicated and 25 salvation for the first time. After prayer, patients who were prescribed medicine from the doctors went to the pharmacy where they were provided with the needed medicine and instructions on how to use them.
At Registration
Observation Room
Patient consulting with the doctor
Patient at the tent waiting to be attended
Dentist extracting patient's tooth
At the prayer room praying with the patient
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