Orphan Caregiver Training
Twenty-two Caregivers and Social workers among them 15 from CCP participated in a three days Initiative for Children at Risk Africa (icara) training held on from June 4th to 6th 2018, at Biblica Guest House, Dennis Print Road, Nairobi. The aim of the training is to better understand and care for the psychosocial needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. Patrice Penny, Executive Director of icara took the team through day one topic on attachment and children development, circle of security, trauma and child development, trauma's impact on child development. Attachment is plays a very important the foundation of a child because they need a relationship with their parents or guardians. "What is damaged in relationship needs to heal in relationship", Patrice said. She further explained about trauma that affects brain stem, emotional brain and thinking brain. Brain storm responds to threats that might trigger one to fight, flight or freeze. On the other hand emotional brain process emotions, including responding to facial expression. This is the point at which one has to know the story of a child before judging. "It's not about what's wrong with you but what happened to you", Patrice advised. While thinking brain responds to thoughts, planning and organization. Day two focused on intervention, resilience and anger management. Patrice enlightened on four responses that can help 'tune in' to a child's thought and feelings and helps regulate their feelings. The four responses are Playful, Accepting, Curious and Empathic (PACE). Playful deals with humor, laughter while accepting is all about the experience of the child accepted by the caregiver. On the other hand curious is about non-judgmental openness and deep desire to understand the child. Discipline was taught on the third day focused on understanding, guiding, correcting behavior and helping children understand the reason for behavior change rooted in secure attachment. Thereafter the team were awarded certificate for completion of the training.
Patrice Penny explaining a point
Asking some questions
At the training
Patrice Penny teaching
Class demonstration
Alight moment at the group discussion
Awarding of Certificates
A group photo at the Icara Training
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