CCP Academy Holds a Motivational Talk
On May 24th 2018, Josephine Mua Alliance Girls High School Kiswahili teacher spoke to CCP Academy's grades seven and eight students about characteristics of a champion.She described nine features that define a champion as: an abundant mentality, bible inspired, follows dream to realization, does not comprise their integrity and discipline, positive mentality, manage their time well, appreciate their uniqueness, have a winning attitude and works hard. She encouraged the students to adopt these characteristics in their lives emphasizing that when someone losses their character they lose everything. She also shared with the students some tips on how to pass examinations, and also how to write a good Kiswahili composition. On passing examinations she said, a student must: have a specific objective and follow it daily, create a personal time table for each subject and adhere to it, identify an academic sister or brother whom they study together, identify a study area where there are no distractions, cover only a manageable piece of content each study session, do some physical exercises and most importantly take some minutes to reflect after every learning session. On how to write a good composition Josephine said, a student should always title their writing with words not exceeding six, capitalize and underline it. They should, discuss at least eight ideas under the topic ensuring that each idea is contained in one paragraph. The objectives of each idea should come out in the first sentences. She advised them to be detailed but also to use proper and official language. In case, the subject of discussion calls for a solution, Josephine suggested that a student offers the situation they deem fit. A good composition reflect life reality as much as possible, therefore students should not exaggerate their story so much. She also urged the students to avoid political, tribal and religious biases in their writing. Towards the end, Hilda Mwavishi CCP Academy's Head teacher thanked Josephine and encouraged the students to practice what they had learnt.
Josephine speaking.
students listening to the speaker.
Students taking notes.
A student answering a question.
Teacher Hilda speaking to students.
Teachers Evance and Damaris CCP Academy's Kishahili teachers introducing themselves from the back.
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