'Treasures are Talents'
On May 9th CCP launched its 2018 Entrepreneurship Class under the theme 'Talents are Treasures' at Maranatha Faith Assemblies Church. This was the 11th class since CCP started offering this free three months business training program to interested young people in 2007. The session started with a devotion shared by CCP's Children and Youth Coordinator Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga on the parable of the talents in Mathew 25:14. He emphasized that business is treasured in the bible and God expects people to use opportunities he gives them for productivity. Benard Okoth CCP's Education Coordinator welcomed the students into the program and expounded on reasons knowledge in entrepreneurship is necessarily in our current world. He said, success in life is not directly proportional to ' A' grade in academics. It is rather a function of many factors including one's attitude. He thereafter gave many examples of CCP's entrepreneurship class alumnus who have made it in life from very small beginnings. He encouraged the students to take every lesson seriously and also to treat whatever resources God has given with respect. He added one cannot benefit from an 'anointing' that he does not respect. It is therefore imperative that one treasures their gifts because there in lays their treasure. Finally Emmanuel Omondi and Trizah Akinyi were elected the students class representatives.
Students listening.
Benard Okoth CCP's Education Coordinator speaking to the students
Pastor Fredrick sharing devotion.
Taking some notes.
Teresia Akinyi and Emmanuel Omondi the class representatives.
Mable Umali CCP's Medical Coordinator giving some words of counsel.
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