CCP Academy Opens School for Second Term
Monday May 2nd 2018, CCP Academy pupils resumed school for second term. Each pupil was accompanied by his/her parent or guardian for the purpose of a brief meeting between the two and the class teacher. In the meeting, the class teacher sought to know how learners were doing, checked the holiday assignment, collected school requirements such as tissue paper and trip money as well as listened to any issues of concern. Later, there was an opening assembly where Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga CCP's Children and Youth Coordinator shared on the theme 'New Beginnings' from Isaiah 43:18. The pastor encouraged the student that God is the one who helps people to understand the subjects they deem difficult just as he causes springs of water in the desert places. He later prayed for the student's good performance. CCP Academy's Head Teacher Hilda Mwavishi welcomed the students back to school and congratulated them for doing their holiday assignment. She announced that the school would be participating in the school's music competition this term therefore called on the music club to be very serious. She as well reminded the students to be good stewards of their time and the resources God has given including water and electricity in the school compound. Finally she encouraged them to make a personal reading time table and consult teachers for topics they need assistance.
Pastor Fredrick sharing God's Word.
A student taking sermon notes.
A time of prayer.
Parent,teacher, student meeting happening in class.
Teacher on duty Davis Kidake addressing the students.
CCP Academy Head Teacher Hilda Mwavishi addressing the students.
We are back to school.
Back to books, the holiday is officially over.
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