CCP Holds a Staff Prayer Day
Thirty one CCP staff participated in this year's first term CCP staff prayer day held on April 30th 2018 at CCP's Community Centre. Pastor Fredrick Mbwanga CCP's Children and Youth Coordinator shared the day's theme `Launching Deep', from Psalms 107:19-20. He emphasized on fellowship with God, calling on the staff to restore a right relationship with their maker. The first prayer session led by Harriet Mwari CCP's Communication Coordinator focused on the importance of worshipping and praising God despite one's situation. She gave examples of Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25 who choose to praise God in prison. God opened the prison doors and loosed everybody's chains. King Jehoshaphat and his armies too in 2nd Chronicles 20:6 worshiped God at their face of a fierce battle. God fought that battle for them. Kefah Kariuki CCP sponsored college going student also a volunteer with CCP's Spiritual Department led the Second session on the essence of God's word in a believer's life. He led the staff to pray for their personal lives through Psalms 1:1-6. After this, CCP's Medical Coordinator Mable Umali facilitated a session on prayer as a life style. She expounded Jeremiah 33:3, Psalms 34:17 and Hebrews 4:16 that the Lord is ready to answer prayer in times of trouble when the righteous cry to him. Intercessory prayer was led by Mable Mmbone CCP volunteer based John 17 1-26, Luke 18:1-8 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4. She explained that Jesus expects believers to stand in the gap and pray for kings, those on authority, family members, neighbours and also non-believers. Emmanuel Omondi CCP volunteer led prayer for the upcoming and the vising teams. Later, Horace Rabour CCP Academy teacher facilitated a thanks giving prayer time based on Psalm 100. Towards the end Stella Mwangi CCP's Managing Director presided over a graduation celebration for 16 staff members that had successfully completed courses in: Follow-up which entails, Affirmation,Assurance of Salvation,Salvation, God's Word, Prayer and Church.Discipleship 1 entails Christ likeness upward, Christ likeness inward, Christ likeness outward, walking in spirit Growing in obedience and Overcoming sin. Discipleship 2 entails Priesthood for all believers, Bringing people to God, Bringing God to people, Worship as a lifestyle, servant hood and Stewardship. She commissioned the grandaunts to go and make discipleship of all nations according to Mathew 28:19. She quoted the wants of Jesus in Mathew 9:30 that the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.
Listening keenly to the word
Kefah,Spiritual volunteer giving a word
Pastor Fredrick praying over the prayer items
Prayer session
Dual prayer session
Reading a scripture from the bible
Awarding of Discipleship 1 certificate
Awarding Discipleship 2 certificate
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