Damaris Weds Douglas
April 28th 2018 will remain to be a memorable day as Damaris Karugu, CCP's staff, wedded the love of her life, Douglas Gitari at Kanunga Baptist Church, Mukurweini, Nyeri. CCP staff excited to attend the wedding started a three hour journey on a rainy day to Mukurweini, Nyeri at 6:30am.The ceremony kicked off with praise and worship after which the couple exchanged vows and rings and finally signed their marriage certificate. Pastor Benson, Aberdare Baptist Church, Ruaka officiated the wedding informing the couple that Christ is the head of marriage and is for making one be like Christ. Reading from the book of Ephesians 5:22-33, Pastor Benson emphasized that no one enters marriage knowing what it entails. 'A couple complicates each other's life because none of them can make decision without consulting the other having in mind they have not been living together', Pastor Benson said. He further explained that there have been wrong ideology concerning marriage which are incorrect. He clarified that marriage is not about happiness but God instituted it because it's all about Christ and there is no marriage in heaven therefore ministry starts in marriage. Benson gave some three reasons for marriage being; first, Submission to one another in likeness to Christ. This is because the will of God is perfect and has no confusion. Secondly, love in marriage is sacrificial and unconditional and lastly God wants it to be a sanctified union. The bridal party danced to the tune of their local dialect, Kikuyu, songs in style after the marriage vows accompanied by the congregation. After the sermon a sumptuous lunch followed at the same venue as the newly wed proceeded for a photo session. Afterwards, CCP staff danced along taking their gifts to the couple. The colorful wedding ceremony could not have ended without Damaris and Douglas sharing a cake, which symbolized their first meal, with the congregation. CCP wishes the two a happy and wonderful marriage full of God's blessings. Congratulations Damaris and Douglas Gitari!
Damaris admiring her husband
The couples exchanging vows
The bride escorted through the isle by her parents
The bride will not touch the ground
Exchange of wedding rings
Pastor Benson (left) giving a word of encouragement to the couples
The flower girls looking good
CCP staff take a photo with the newly wed
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