Sixteen CCP Staff participate in Teaching Children Effectively (TCE) Training
On April 14TH 2018, 16 CCP staff started an eight weeks training on Teaching Children Effectively (TCE) offered by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) at CCPís Community Center. The training started off with a devotion shared by pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga CCP's Children and Youth Coordinator from 1st Samuel 5:2 on the story of the Philistines when they carried the Ark of God's covenant into the temple of their god dagon. He said the presence of God is so powerful that other gods can only fall before Him. The trainers Phyllis Kitavi CEF Nairobi Branch Director, Stella Muasa CEF child Evangelist and Rythsvan Malaya CEF child evangelist too handled four topics on this first day. The four were: The child in the New Testament, What to tell children, the wordless book, and the importance of the teacher. On the topic of the child in the New Testament Ruth trained from Mathew 18. This is where Jesus invited children to him and rebuked his disciples for preventing them. The bible portrays that the requirements to enter the kingdom of God is for one to convert self and be like a child. As well, the biblical prerequisite for one to be greatest in the kingdom of God is to humble like a child. In the same text, the bible outlines very severe punishment for those who mislead children. Ruth warned that it is a grievance crime for anyone to despise the soul of a child just because it is contained in a small body. The bible records that God does not will for anyone to be lost. In the second topic, Mrs. Kitavi talked handled the message to tell children. She said the message is the good news of salvation. We preached to children about salvation because it is God's command according to Mathew 28:19. As well, children like all humanity are sinful in nature and unless they receive Christ they will be lost forever. Picking it up from there Stella introduced the trainees to a method of sharing Godís word with the children using colors. She used a small book-let called the wordless book containing pages of different color; gold, red, clear, dark and green. She explained the meaning of each color as follows; Gold represents God who lives in heaven where the bible says there is a street made of gold. The dark page represents sin while the red page is a symbol of the blood of Jesus which cleanses from sin. The clear page symbolizes the cleansing effect of Christ when he comes into our lives and the green page represents growth. The word grow was explained using an acronym; Go to church, Read Godís Word, Obey what you read in Godís word and Witness or tell others about Christ. Stella also talked about the importance of the teacher. She defined the teacher as an agent who works in collaboration with the Holy Spirit to bring transformation. Teachers are important because of their influences, actions and words. Finally in small groupís discussions of four trainees there was a discussion on the importance of reaching out to the child in the neighborhood. It was established that when a child is reached with the gospel many people in the community benefit. These include fellow neighbors, the church, the teacher, the reached child and the generations to come.
Time for worship
Pastor Fred sharing devotion
Stella Muasa training
Rythsvan Malaye training
Confirming from the scriptures
Phyllis Kitavi training
A trainee Jacob Omondi participating.
Training materials
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