Ninety Children give their life to Christ
Ninety children gave their lives to Christ during the Vacation Bible School (VBS) which ended on April 13th 2018 at the Community Center in Kawangware and Ngando respectively. The five day event dubbed "The Rugged Cross", saw 90 children give their lives to Christ. One hundred children rededicated their lives to Christ too. The event attracted an average of 466 sponsored and none sponsored children in both venues. Ngando VBS attracted 298 children while 168 in Kawangware almost hitting the expected target of 500 children in both venue. The first day saw children cover Bible lesson on 'Triumph Entry' which focused on the story of Jesus and His Disciples on the way to Jerusalem. On the second day, children learnt about 'The Last Supper' covering the story of Jesus sharing the Lord's Supper with His 12 Disciples. The moment for children to understand 'Jesus on Trial', rather than the third day in which lessons majored on how He had unjust trial, beaten and mocked and led away to be crucified. The Message of 'Jesus is Crucified' encouraged the children to know they have complete forgiveness of their sins through Jesus' death on the cross came on the fourth day. The VBS curtains came down with the message on 'Jesus' Resurrection & Victory'. This allowed the children to know that Jesus has completely conquered sin and death. Children had a wonderful time learning God's word through songs, crafts, Bible lessons and games. During the games moment, Ngando children formed two teams being Red aka Lion & Yellow aka Tiger which competed amongst themselves in each days games. Yellow topped the teams with 5580 points and Red coming in second with 5520. On the other hand, Kawangware also had two teams: Yellow & Red. Yellow emerged winners. Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director appreciated the children for attending the April VBS. 'My prayer is that God will help you as you go home to remember whatever you have learnt', Stella remarked. CCP thanks God for the success of the event. We also appreciate CCP staff who worked tirelessly throughout the week ensuring that children learn Gods word. It's our prayer that the seeds planted in the hearts of the children would germinate and cause a transformation in their lives.
Stella, CCP's Managing Director inquiring from the kids their take home
Ready to answer questions
Noting down their sins to confess
Laying their sins at the cross
Part of the group that gave their life to Christ on the last day
Competition Time during games
Snack Time
Creativity during crafts time
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