CCP Academy Boys Visit Alliance High School in Nairobi
Fifty-seven CCP boys from fifth to eighth grade visited Alliance High School (AHS), Nairobi, one of the best top ten performing National high schools in Kenya, on March 22nd, 2018. The educational visit aimed at motivating the boys in academic excellence. Mr Ayiego, the boarding master advised the boys to stop working hard rather should start working smart and have a positive attitude towards education and especially Mathematics. Mr. Ayiego told the boys to be the pace setters for other student to follow suite. The boys wanted to know the entry marks to be admitted in the school whereby Mr. Ayiego advised them to attain high marks to be the best in every county in Kenya. Also, a pupil could be considered if he selected the school as first priority and academic merit in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). However, only 200-300 students are selected based on academic merit and quota as per the education policy. Academic merit is based on performance of the K.C.P.E exams. ‘What makes Alliance High School unique from other schools is one rule and that is ‘Common Sense’, Mr. Ayiego said. He explained further that it takes common sense to do what is right like studying without supervision. The boys were divided into two groups; grade five and six in one group and grade seven and eight in another. The boys in their groups interacted with six form three students at the school Chapel who encouraged them on how to improve in academics. The Chapel which is built in form of a Tabernacle was built in 1970 and hold a capacity of 400 people. One of the students counseled the boys to have a personal understanding and not be moved by peer pressure and also to take time to study. The student expounded that they have exchange academic programs that happen every February and November partnering with International schools in Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and China among others. The student further explained that on admission a form one is given a booklet to read and understand the school rules to qualify get a school neck tie. Thereafter, they are given an exam concerning the school rules and when one pass they get the tie. If one fails he is given time and sit the exam on a later date. They have activities like soccer, basketball, rugby, table tennis among others. Also, they have clubs like scouts, Social welfare Society, Choir, wildlife, debate amongst a variety. It falls to every successful institutions to seek that precious balance between academics and co- curricular activities. The pupils were taken round the library and ICT departments housed in the Resource Center to accommodate both teachers and students in their research work making the library the best and conducive environment for their work. The library has the following distinctive areas: Senior Reading area that accommodates form three & four, Junior reading area that accommodates form one & two, Special collection, Reserve collection, Acquisitions area for processing the materials and children area. Alliance High School popularly known as “Bush”, was the first school in Kenya to offer secondary school education to Africans. It was founded on 1 March 1926 by the Alliance of Protestant Churches – The Church of Scotland Mission (later known as the Presbyterian Church of East Africa or PCEA), Church of the Province of Kenya (CPK), African Inland Church (AIC), and the Methodist Church. Carey Francis hall was dedicated to then Headmaster who ran the school from 1940-1962 but died and was buried in the school ground.
Word of encouragement by Alliance High School Students
CCP Academy boys concentrating
Prayers from the school Chaplin
At the Carey Francis Memorial Lecture Theatre
CCP boys looking at the new model of the school Chapel
At the Modern Library
At the Poultry farm
Taking some notes
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