CCP's March Guardians Training
On March 3rd 2018, 177 guardians attended CCP's bi-monthly guardians training held at Deliverance Church Rirutta with a topic on parental responsibility. Pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga CCP's Children and Youth Coordinator encouraged the guardians to change as the times and seasons change. This was drawn from the book of Acts 17:19 where the people of Athens though formally religious were receptive to the gospel preached by Apostle Paul. The facilitator for the day Mrs. Jane Mwangi is a Quality Assurance Officer in the Ministry of Education. She began her session with a remark that children are a gift from God hence they need to be treasured. She classified children into four main age groups, namely, discoverers, adolescent, teenagers and young adults all with different needs. She expounded on a number of things parents and guardians need to do as part of their parental responsibility. These include; affirm, share in their dreams, love and help them emotionally as well as physically and keep a positive attitude regarding them. Additionally the parent should, visit their children's school, be respectful to their teachers, mentor, participate in their character formation, and invest in them through education. Jane corrected a few parents' bad behaviors as well. These include; speaking ill about children when they fail exams instead of encouraging them as well as discouraging a child's dream with histories of failure. Additionally, parents talk at their children instead of talking with them. She advised parents to pray for their children's character, when angry with their children to address them while sitting down and to model a good character for children to emulate. Emphasizing on the need to invest in children through education, Jane stated that education is the only equalizer in the society between the rich and the poor. To illustrate her point, she gave examples of three famous personalities. They are: the late former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela who was half orphaned, Gabon President who grew up as a total orphan and Dr. Ben Carson, a successful Neurosurgeon who was just an average black student. She stated that the only person without a bright future is the one who is dead. As an officer in matters of education Jane shed some light on the new Kenyan Education Curriculum. She said it is correctly referred to as the Competence Based Curriculum and it focuses on developing children competences on certain skills. She named some 7 themes the curriculum will address including; communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and imagination, citizenship self-efficacy, digital literacy and learning to learn. She also educated the parents on the need to collaborate with the schools in registering their children with National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). Later, she allowed time for questions and answers where pertinent issues concerning bulling, homosexuality, lesbianism, children maturity, absentee fathers, children and technology among others arose. Afterwards, Stella Mwangi CCP’s Managing Director emphasized the need to affirm children. She advised the parents to view their children as potential future leaders of this country. She said adults will reap what they plant in children. She pleaded with the guardians to be both present and involved in the lives of their children and also encouraged them to have a big vision for their children. She shared some good news that on the third week of January CCP got construction approvals from Nairobi City council. In conclusion, Mable Umali CCP’s Medical Coordinator made the following announcement: CCP Children and youth April Vocal Bible School (VBS) would be on 9th through 13th. CCP Academy’s clinic days for grades, 6,7, and 8 would be on March 13th, 14th and 15th respectively and finally the next guardians training meeting would be on May 5th .
CCP's Irene Nambafu a Social Worker(left)helping the parents with registration.
Time for some praises.
Jane Mwangi,the facilitator a Quality Assurance Office in the Ministry of Education.
A parent following the devotion by reading the scriptures for herself.
A guardian asking a question.
Stella Mwangi, CCP's Managing Director addressing the parents.
Listening keenly.
Time for the closing prayer.
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