Fearless 2018
February 23rd 2018 would remain in the hearts of many CCP staff as a happy day- off taken to expel personal limiting fear, enhance team work, have fun, bond and relax at The Dam RedHill, Limuru. It all begun with the staff arriving in the office as early as 7:00 am as they prepared to depart to the venue. The day activities kicked off with an ice breaker and self-introductions all done in a way that left them cracking their bones with laughter. The real experience started with having breakfast in a floating restaurant. Thereafter, team building activities facilitated by Danson Mwangi of Dante Entertainment Crew commenced. The team was divided into two; ‘Mugombero’ and ‘Malope’. They had an opportunity to compete in Kindergarten rhymes, Sunday school rhymes, contemporary gospel songs, word forming, and balloon games among others. The best part was when every staff shook off fear and crossed over the 145 meter long dam using a zip-line. This was the most exciting and frightening experience of the day. Afterwards, staff shared the lessons learnt from the day’s activities ranging from courage, never give up, trust a friend, I can do it, creativity, cooperation, positive attitude. Additional lesson s included; there is need for coordination, communication is very important in relationships, life has ups and downs but never give up. The staff wrote a list of personal fears that limit their performance and practical steps they would take to address them. Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director encouraged the team to let their behavior reflect God. ‘We all need each other as friends’, Stella said. She inspired the college students to conquer their fears as they volunteer in the spiritual department. In conclusion, the team could only look back at the day with joy and appreciate the opportunity of visiting the place.
The Mugombero Team
Malope Team
Some instruction before passing through the mine game
Danson from Dante Entertainment Crew
At the floating Restaurant
Serving Lunch
Balloon filled with water game
Some gifts
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