CCP Participates in the Global Leadership Summit(GLS)
Nine CCP leaders participated in a two days annual Global leadership Summit (GLS) held on February 8th and 9th 2018, at Christ Is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Valley Road. The vison of GLS to bring together and empower leaders through such a Summit was started 20 years ago by Bill Hybles the Senior Pastor Willow Greek Community Church. The summit now happens in 128 countries, has been translated into 60 languages and has happened in Kenya for 11 years. It runs under a philosophy that everyone wins when a leader gets better. This year the summit covered the topics: Leading an organization in a time of increased division and disrespect by Bill Hybles, Creativity leadership in our rapidly changing world by Fredrick Haren, Leading through the uncomfortable by Bryan Stevenson, Uniquely better products by Andy Stanley, The miracle of leadership by Sam Adeyemi, Creating time to reflect by Juliet Funt, and Forgiveness by Immaculate Ilibagiza. There were also interview sessions such as one on vision by Kelvin Mulei, overcoming grief by Sheryl Sandbergs and the empowered Biblical World View by Rev. Titus Masika. Pastor Bill shared that the highest value in leadership is humility and learning. He encouraged leaders to appreciate the people who called out leadership in them and to always plant seeds of leadership in others through affirmation. Fredrick talking about creativity said it is all about combining two previously known ideas or concepts in a new way. He clarified that people are creative but their creativity confidence is often low. On vison, Kelvin in his interview said it requires daily cultivation, hard work and faith in God. Talking about leading through the uncomfortable Bryan shared four things leaders must do. They include: be close to the people (proximity), change the narrative that sustains the problem you are trying to address, stay Hopeful and be willing to do uncomfortable things. On uniquely better product Andy also shared four things leaders should do. They are: be a student not a critic, keep your eyes and your mind open, replace how? with Wow! And in your conversations ask the right questions. About forgiveness Immaculate shared her experience of forgiving the people who killed all her family members during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Rev Masika talked about the Empowered Biblical Worldview which he has used to transform the community in Yatta from food insecurity to food security. He said Jesus came to seek and find that which was lost, livelihood included. He identified the problems in our society as systemic and our approach as haphazardness. He advised that leaders become more organized diligent and systemic in their approach. Towards the end pastor Adeyemi talked about three important things in leadership: change how people think about themselves set up a structured training system and model the transformation you are talking about by your lifestyle.
Kelvin Mulei addressing the delegates
Pastor Bill Hybles facilitating a session
A Kenya High Court Judge being interviewed on justice in Kenya
Andy Stanley sharing
Pastor Linda interviewing Kelvin on Vision
Hilda Mwavishi(left), Jacqueline Ngige, and Stella Mwangi
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