CCP's 2017 EX-Candidates Meeting
On February 7th2018, CCP’s Education Department held a meeting with four 12th grade Ex-candidates and their guardians at CCP boardroom. The aim of the meeting was to help the students chat a way forward now that they have transitioned out of High School. Benard Okoth CCP’s Education Coordinator reminded the students to submit to the office their official result slip, school leaving certificates, and school clearance forms. He clarified that it was important to clear with their former schools in this manner because that preserves good relationships. Stella Mwangi CCP’s Managing Director congratulated the parents for supporting their children all through and also thanked the students for finishing well. She encouraged the students to start volunteering in CCP’s spiritual programs, attend all CCP College students meetings and to start learning how to write reports. She challenged them to be in touch with any curriculum changes in the Ministry of Education. Also to familiarize themselves with the technologies used for dissemination of information in the college they would join (college portal). Stella pointed out three key things for the students to always remember. Including; putting God at the center of everything, focus on education and find a career mentor. She reminded them that CCP has brought them up in the ways of God hence the need to always prioritize Him. For every semester that a students scores 70% and above in collage CCP will give them a full scholarship for the next semester. One elderly guardian in the meeting thanked CCP stating that her granddaughter had been in the program for 12 years. She advised these young people to work towards having a means of income. She discredited the negative in the world that there are no jobs and encouraged the student to work hard. She also advised them to never kill themselves in the name of love, saying they too were young some day and understand the pressure. She prayed that God would help them and open their ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’.
Peter Mkabana an Ex- Candidate
Catherine Mmbone an Ex-candidate
Kefah Kariuki an Ex-candidate
Pauline Wairimu and Ex-Candidate
A guardian attending the meeting
A grandmother giving advise to the youth in the meeting.
Stella Mwangi CCP's Managing Director addressing the Ex-candidates
Signing the Memorandum of Understanding.
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