'Boys to Men' Mentors Training
Eleven CCP boys’ mentors attended ‘Boys to Men’ mentorship Training held on January 26th at CCP Community Center. The training facilitated by Willian Odour, the Program Coordinator, Transform Nations intended to address the need for boy’s mentorship and how to do it. William defined mentorship as a personal development relationship in which a more knowledgeable and experienced person shares knowledge, skills and perspective with a less knowledgeable and experienced person. The goal in mentorship is to foster personal and professional growth. He stated that the need to mentor has been occasioned by a series of crisis in todays’ society. Such include: street families, drugs and substance abuse, crime, alcoholism, single parenting among others. In his view the boy child is most affected by the fatherhood crisis especially failure of good leadership at the family level. He further described three types of boys who need mentorship as priority; the un-fathered boy, the under-fathered boy and the miss- fathered boy. The un-fathered boys are those who have not experienced a father in their lives either because their father died or is absent. The under-fathered boys are those whose fathers are physically present but not involved with them. The miss- fathered boys are those whose fathers are abusive and often violent. Such fathers are often ascribed harsh nicknames by their children. William encouraged the mentors to help the boys overcome negative believe systems from the society stating that the boy is the only role material to make a man. He also said nations change through personal change hence the transformation of just one boy is very important. He later, introduced the ‘Boys to Men’ manual which will aid the mentors in the boys mentoring process.
A mentor following the discussions keenly.
Stella Mwangi CCP's Managing Director addressing the boys mentors.
Boys mentors listening
Pastor Rogen Nyakundi a friend of CCP and a boys mentor
William Odour Transform Nations Program Coordinator Facilitating the class
CCP Academy Teacher Horice Omondi(left)with Jacob Omondi CCP sponsored college student, all boys mentors.
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