CCP Holds the First 2018 Rites of Passage ExperienceS(ROPES)Parents Meeting.
Seventeen eighth grade parents attended the first Rites of Passage ExperienceS (ROPES) parents meeting held at CCP Academy on January 27th2018. Damaris Karugu, CCP's Social Worker encouraged them to bring up their teenager according to the example of Jesus Christ in Luke 2:52. Expounding on this, she said, God has provided sufficiently for children to grow in stature, wisdom and favor. Just as food is for physical growth, learning is for growth in wisdom and a relationship with God for growth in favor. Faith Wayua CCP's Social worker introduced the ROPES Programs to the parents. She described it as a transformation centered process where teenagers are helped to transition from childhood to adulthood. She sighted the program as particularly important for preparing students for high school life, transformation in their everyday undertakings and a deepened personal relationship with Christ. ROPES is a yearlong schedule, including at least 6 training sessions for parents and 36 training session for the students before a one week's camp at the culmination. Some needs addressed by the program include self-identity, peer pressure and Interest to the opposite sex among others. Faith mentioned that this Program was developed by TANARI Trust and is run according to their standards. The parents will only be required to pay KES 5000 (50$) per child for the entire program because CCP has highly subsidized it. She encouraged them to pay bit by bit such as KES 555 per month, KES 138 shillings per week or KES 19 shillings per day. Catherine Mmbone, class 2013 ROPES alumni shared a testimony on how the class transformed her life. Catherine said she used to be very shy; she would eat her meals hiding in the bedroom all alone. She also struggled with waking up early and had never washed her own clothes. "My mother could not have been able to push me to the level of maturity and personal responsibility the ROPEs Program did", Catherine said. She begun to join in the family meals, wash her clothes and even wake up earlier as a result of the training. The parents scheduled their meetings to be held every last Saturday of the month. They also elected two class representatives who would keep them accountable and also represent them in CCP's Board and parents link meetings. The two are Ruth Adhiambo, and Rosemary Darizu Davis Kidake CCP Academy's eight grade class teacher affirmed that all the 18 candidates in his class are all capable students. He quoted that in a recent joint examination with two school's 16 of them scored above average. He encouraged the parents to support their teenagers in ensuring assignments are done, and daily school attendance is maintained. Finally Hilda Mwavishi CCP Academy's Head Teacher shared some good News that CCP Academy is now a registered Examination Center. Beginning 2018 students will do their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) National exams at CCP Academy venue. Afterwards Hilda guided the parents selecting the high schools their children would like to join in 2019.
Faith Wayua CCP's Social Worker showing some photos of a previous ROPES camp.
Catherine Mmbone CCP's Sponsored Child sharing her ROPEs Experience Testimony.
Time for some worship songs.
Students and their parents selecting preferred High schools.
Ruth Adhiambo, elected CCP Academy eighth grade parent representative.
Rosemary Darizu, elected CCP Academy's eighth grade parent representative.
Davis Kidake CCP Academy's eighth grade class teacher addressing the parents.
Hilda Mwavishi CCP Academy's Head Teacher addressing the parents.
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