Ninth Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPEs) Graduation
One thousand five hundred Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPEs) grandaunts from about 45 institution and churches, among them 26 from CCP attended the ninth National ROPEs graduation organized by Tanari Trust on January 6th, 2018. The event was held at All Saints Cathedral Church, Nairobi. This was after successfully going through a one year ROPEs curriculum in 2017. The graduation begun with a procession of Ropers, ROPEs Counselors, parents and Tanari Coordinators from the venue to the Nairobi City Center in celebration of the ROPEs program. ‘It was good seeing ropers go to the streets and create attention’ Palla ROPEs Counselor said. One grandaunt explained that the most challenging bit of the experience was hiking during the ROPEs camp. Rosemary, a ROPEs parent commended the program for helping teenagers memorize God’s Word. Prof. Mbaabu Mathiu, a Trustee Tanari Trust described ROPEs programs as a transition process that starts with an ending and ends with a beginning. ‘ROPEs is a process not an event, as we encourage our young people embrace adulthood’, Mbaabu advised the parents. He further encouraged the teens to Influence their peers positively as they transition to high school. Afterwards, Gibson Mwandawiro, Kenya Military Official Master of Ceremonies (MC) who was the chief guest challenged the ropers to follow Christ example based on Matthew 3:13-17. Christ submitted to righteousness and had to be submerged in water in order to emerge. Gibson advised them to identify themselves with Jesus, to go through the process of success and to avoid short cuts. He gave an example of the mother of James and John who wanted to evade the process involved in becoming great. She requested Jesus to allow her sons sit on His right and left in his kingdom and Jesus disallowed it (Matthew 20:20-28) Steve Kiteto, Tanari Trust CEO congratulated all grandaunts for their participation in the life transforming ROPEs program. The event climaxed with the issuance of certificates of completion to all the graduates through their institutions/churches. CCP as an organization also received a commendation certificate for due compliance with ROPES program standards. CCP adopted the program for the first time in 2012.
Gibson Mwandawiro, Kenya Military MCA addressing the ROPERS
CCP Teenagers at the graduation
A parent giving her view about ROPES
Steve Kiteto, Tanari Trust CEO giving a word of applause
Grandaunts showing their certificate
At the registration desk
Gibson praying for the Teenagers
A time of prayer
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