New Beginnings
CCP’s first Guardian’s Training in 2018 titled ‘New Beginnings’ was held on January 6th at Maranatha Church Kawangare with 178 guardians present. Pastor Francis Lukale of Maranatha Church basing his sermon on Luke 2:22 challenged the guardians to adopt a new way of thinking in the New Year. He elaborated the analogy Jesus gave in this text that old wineskins cannot hold new wine to mean new ideas cannot fit in an old ways of thinking. “It is a new mind that gives you a new year”, he said. Anyone who operates in the New Year with an old mindset will not experience any newness. He also encouraged the guardians to exercise their God given talents and gifts without fear this year. He stated that although God has not given the same gift to all of us, he has given each a gift(s) according to his or her capacity. Don’t waste this year! He appealed, instead think differently, manifest your gift, think and speak positively about yourself. Thirteen guardians gave their lives to Christ. During this meeting Pastor Lukale commissioned 26 CCP teenagers who completed Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPES) program in 2017. Benard Okoth, CCP’s Education Coordinator explained the program as a Bible based replacement of the African Traditions that relates to transitioning from childhood to adulthood. He clarified that ROPES is a yearlong program preparing teenagers for responsible adulthood and is guided by 1st Tim 4:12 and Luke 2:52 .He invited current eighth grade parents to register for the 2018 class. Jacqueline Ngige CCP’s Finance Director encouraged the guardians to arise and do something profitable this year. She also invited them to read through the bible in study groups this year with the help of CCP Social Workers. Seventeen guardians indicated interest and are set to begin the Bible study soon. In conclusion, Stella Mwangi CCP’s Managing Director encouraged the guardians to let Jesus be the center of their lives this year.
Irene Nambafu CCP Social Worker(right) taking attendance register.
Enjoying some tea and bread
Taking some notes
Listening intently
Jacqueline Ngige CCP's Finance Director speaking to the parents.
Stella Mwangi CCP's Managing Director speaking to the parents.
Pastor Francis Lukale commissioning Rites of Passage Experiences(ROPEs)2017 grandaunts.
Thirteen guardians giving their lives to Christ.
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