2017 CCP Staff Christmas Party
Jim Behr, CCP’s founding father accompanied thirty one CCP staff to this year’s staff Christmas party held at Nyumbani Restaurant, Kilimani on December 15th, 2017. The staff dressed up to meet the West African culture of the restaurant. The day began with a cat walk procession by the staff from a select point in the venue to their designated seats, a welcome note by CCP’s Communications Coordinator, Harriet Mwari and an opening prayer by CCP Academy Head Teacher Hilda Mwavishi. Breakfast was then served after which the staff moved on to sing some Christmas carols led by Faith Wayua CCP’s Social Worker. The Education, Spiritual and sponsorship departments entertained the gathering into exciting African Chants presentations. Mid way, Mable Umali CCP’s Medical Coordinator surprised the staff with a stage-managed first aid emergency situation to test their readiness for such. It was all shock when the ‘pretender’ casualty fell down in the course of the Christmas carols and the staff members next to him forced by proximity to take charge. This was preceded by a comprehensive First Aid training by (Africa Air Rescue) AAR on July 19th this year and a repeat of the same for those who had missed on December 9th. When the staff successfully managed the ‘’fainting person’’ and putting him on a recovery position, Mable proceeded to award certificates of attendance for the said trainings. Jacqueline Ngige, addressing the staff said the year had been uniquely good. She commended the staff for commitment to their responsibilities. Twelve members of staff were commended for exemplary performance at different capacities and issued with certificates of recognition plus a token of appreciation. The twelve were, Alice Mugure, Irene Nanjala, Joan Nanjala, Faith wayua, Irene Kerubo Rose Muganda, for their Contribution in Good News Clubs growth, Davis Kidake, Horace Omondi, and Evance Simiyu for their good work at CCP Academy, Mable Mmbone, Jacob Omondi and Benard Okoth for being CCP’s children volunteer of the year, youth volunteer of the year and staff of the year respectively. When it was time for Jim to share, he said CCP is today as a result of obedience to God’s call to ministry in Kenya to him, a couple friend and their two boys from Christ Church of the Valley(CCV) in California USA in 2003. ‘’ God has truly blessed me through this’’ he said. He charged the staff that if any hears the Lord’s calling to do something, they should obey because the Lord will take care of them. Towards the end, Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director gave an account of two trips she made to the USA this year in the months of October and November. She was thankful for the support she experienced from CCV during the trips. Specifically she appreciated the senior Pastor Jeff Vines, the Global Outreach Pastor Abhijeet Lall, Michael Kisaka the Interim Outreach Team Lead and her host Wendy Whitt. She was thankful that CCP is in the heart of CCV. Stella pointed out four main thanks giving items to God for CCP this year. The four include; provision of resources to construct CCP Academy kitchen, completion of borehole drilling, successful change of Community Center land title deed from agricultural land to commercial use, and God’s provision of a project manager and a quantity surveyor to supervise CCP construction works next year. She charged the staff to be found faithful in their area of service and do their tasks well as unto the Lord. She emphasized the need to create and maintain real relationships with the children and guardians that CCP serves. Thereafter the staff celebrated six staff members whose birthdays are in December with the usual washing and cake cutting. The six were Benard Okoth, Rose Muganda, Eugene Mukadi, Joseph Wambua and Mable Mmbone. Staff members were excited to receive various Christmas gifts ranging from cloths, bed sheets, utensils, and shopping vouchers. Finally pastor Fredrick Mmbwanga CCP’s Spiritual Coordinator led the closing prayer.
Its cat -walk time
Jim Behr CCP's founding C.E.O(left)presenting First Aid Training certificates of attendance to a CCP staff.
Jacqueline Ngige CCP's Finance Director addressing the staff.
Stella Mwangi CCP's Managing Director addressing the staff.
Staff happy moments at the party
lunch time
Benard Okoth receiving a birthday wash on his head.
A group photo at the venue
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