CCP Celebrates 2017 Sponsorship Christmas Party
About two hundred and fifty four guardians and their children attended this year’s CCP’s sponsorship Christmas party held at St John’s Catholic Church Rirutta HGM hall on December 2 nd,2017. The event dubbed ‘Jesus was born to save’ was attended by CCP staff and the chairperson of CCP board Mrs. Charity wainaina who is also one of our Kenyan sponsor and her two sons. Pastor Cornel Onyango, the Director Care for Aids shared God’s word on the topic’ your life is a story’ based on John 3:16. ‘’ we celebrate, that God gave his son and that is the greatest story ever. Every decision you make in your life is a continuation to your story; some people have chosen to write a good story while others have chosen a bad one.’’ He said. It was pomp and color as the children, youth and guardians entertained each other in songs, poems, drama and dance. Children from Good Hope Good News Club (GNC) opened the stage with a charismas poem entitled ‘’ When Christ was Born’’. Then, Ngando GNC and Community Center youth presented a dance while Kawangware Day GNC did a mime. For CCP Academy music club it was some Christmas Carols. Then came the most hilarious of all, a drama by guardians mimicking CCP guardian training proceedings. Finally to culminate, Milka Anyango and Ann Sheila Akoth prepared a special poem in honor of their Kenya sponsors, Michel Makumi and Zakia Mbuvi respectively. Benard Okoth CCP’s Education Coordinator shared an update of the ‘Rites of Passage Experiences’ (ROPES) camp and the ‘For the Boy’ (FTB) camp that had just concluded. The highlight was three teenagers who given their lives to Christ after climbing Mt’Longonot. Five ROPES students were acknowledged and appreciated for their exemplary contribution during the same camp. The five are: Mariam Wambui and Robert Kubasu for great cooking skills, Caroline Achieng for being very active and serving others, while Christine Ngalia and Good will Omondi were acknowledged for their good leadership qualities. Benard also introduced the boy’s mentors and encouraged the guardians to support mentorship efforts. Later, Charity Wainaina addressed the gathering. She thanked God that although 2017 has had many political and economic struggles the Lord has kept all of us well. She quoted Acts 17: 26 that we are all from one man, and that it is God who determined our nationality, the specific times of our birth and the boundaries of where we live. She encouraged people that God has the future of everybody in his hands. Finally, Jacqueline Ngige, CCP Finance Director in her remarks thanked the guardians for their cooperation thus far. She noted that the year had been of blessings sighting that CCP had finally been able to drill a bore hole at the community center. She also communicated that documents for a community clinic construction at the same site were already with the city council awaiting approvals. Her highlight this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) performance. She rewarded 8 candidates who scored 300 marks out of a possible 500 marks with Ksh. 1,500 each and 5 who scored 250 marks and above with 1,000 each. This was a big improvement from last year’s performance where four students scored 300 marks and above. On the same day, each sponsored family was treated to a special Christmas food bad containing two kilograms of baking flour, two kilograms of rice, one liter cooking oil and two kilograms of sugar alongside the normal monthly food bag. The sponsored children received a new school shoes, school uniform, textbooks and stationery in preparation for 2018 Academic year. At the end a delicious lunch was served and people wished each other a merry Christmas and a happy new 2018.
Keenly following what is happening
Milka Anyango and Ann Sheila Akoth CCP sponsored children doing a presentation.
CCP's Finance Director Jacqueline Ngige addressing the gathering.
CCP's Sponsorship Coordinator Betty Opati addressing the gathering.
CCP's Finance Director, Jacqueline Ngige Congratulating a student for good performance.
CCP'S Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(K.C.P.E)top performers Mecna Jones(left) and Goodwill Omondi(left)
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