CCP's November High Schooler's Meeting
Thirty one CCP sponsored high school students and their parents attended a high schoolers meeting held at CCP’s Community Center on November 8th 2017. Pastor Wilson Andai of Nairobi Chapel Parklands shared on the topic Personal Development based on Mathew 6:25. He said, Jesus meant people are different from birds of the air and the flowers of the field in that chapter. This difference is that people have the gift of foresight; they can think ahead and plan. The pastor said one of the most important things in life is the ability to think and do things in the order of their importance. ‘If you do not organize your life in order of priority you will agonize later’, He said. Pastor Wilson encouraged the students to have personal goals and take responsibility for them because goals drive people for actions. “God creates no garbage; each one of us is valuable and special in his sight’’ he said. He charged them not to allow circumstances define where they are going, instead be faithful steward of their God given talents, gifts and abilities. He said, to be wise is to know what to overlook; to be able to say ‘No’. ‘You have the responsibility to be the prophet of your life. Do not be a spectator of your life, sitting and waiting to see what unfolds instead think, plan and be part of what is happening in your life. It all starts with self-management’, he encouraged. He advised the parents to view themselves as their Children’s dreams coaches’ not mere spectators. After the devotion, CCP’s Education Coordinator Benard Okoth enlightened the parents that it is important for them to know the subjects their children take in school. He advised students to select subjects with their aspired careers in mind. For instance, those aiming a career in engineering to do physics, and those who want a medical related course to pursue biology. Benard encouraged the students to take advantage of the community center facility and CCP library for studies this holiday session. Afterwards, Mable Umali CCP’s Medical Coordinator reminded the students to bring their school fees structure and report cards every first week of closing school as agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding. CCP’s Managing Director Stella Mwangi cheered the students that studying hard is a personal decision. She charged the students to be different from those who never had the opportunity to be educated. ‘Education is the only thing CCP and your parents can give you’ she said. Additionally, Stella said life about strategy; planning and prioritizing. She encouraged them to support each other through study groups. She stated that the desire of CCP is that each of the students would attain at least a diploma at the end. In her conclusion, Stella asked the students to be a blessing to their parents this holiday session and stay out of trouble. Towards the end Jacqueline Ngige, CCP’s Finance Director exhorted the students that all of them have great potential. In a spot check majority of the current grade twelve class have potential for B plain grade according to their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) score. Jacqueline noted that it would be a beautiful harvest if all students went for their potential. She charged them to regain their capacity using the remaining time. ‘Comfort and success do not go together, you have to take one and overlook the other’. She said. Finally she rewarded 5 students who scored grades B plain and above, 4 that improved the most last in term 3 who performed exemplarily in various subjects.
Time for prayer.
Pastor Wilson addressing the students.
Benard Okoth CCP's Education Coordinator speaking.
Mable Umali CCP's Medical Coordinator addressing the meeting.
A high school parent asking a question.
Stella Mwangi CCP's Managing Director addressing the meeting.
Jacqueline Ngige CCP's Finance Director rewarding a student for good performance.
Listening attentively.
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