CCP Holds a Staff Prayer Day
Twenty six CCP staff congregated at CCP’s Community Center on October 24th to pray for Kenya with the theme ‘one nation, one people, one God, one spirit’. The call to worship song that day was the Kenya National Anthem Swahili version. Harriet Mwari CCP’s Communication Coordinator led prayer for the nation of Kenya based on 2nd Chronicles 7:14. She encouraged the staff that it is a consistent theme in the bible that when God’s people pray their nations are saved. She gave the example of Nineveh when its people turned to God in repentance; fasting and prayer and God heard. In another biblical account, Abraham found out from God that if Sodom had people right with him (God) and calling on his name he would not have destroyed it. ‘We the people called in the name of the Lord have come to defeat the accusations of the devil and his weekend conspiracies against our nation. We choose to cooperate with God in his good intentions for our land through our repentance and intercession today’. She said. Mable Umali CCP’s Medical Coordinator led the team to pray for the nation’s leadership and the church in Kenya. She reminded the staff that God expects his people to pray for their leadership as He as instructed in 1st Timothy 2:2. Thereafter Betty Opati CCP’s Sponsorship Coordinator and Hilda Mwavishi CCP Academy’s Head Teacher facilitated prayer sessions for CCP activities and the candidates respectively. Irene Kerubo CCP’s Sponsorship Communication Personnel led the team to pray for CCP’s big projects such as drilling a borehole, kitchen, clinic, and CCP Academy tuition block construction activities. At the end teacher Davis Kidake of CCP Academy facilitated a prayer session where staff prayed for each other.
Irene Nambafu CCP Social Worker leading worship.
Joseph Wambua CCP Volunteer playing the keyboard.
Irene Kerubo CCP's Sponsorship Communication leading a prayer session.
Time to talk with the Lord
Peter Njenga CCP's Volunteer and the worship team leading praise songs.
A time to pray for one another
Confirming from the scriptures.
Praying in groups.
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