CCP Children Receive Treasure Hunt Bibles from Biblica International
One hundred and thirty one children from Chosen children of Promise (CCP) received The Treasure Hunt Bible, New Testament on October 21st being a donation of 420 bibles from Biblica International. The Bibles were distributed in four Good News Clubs Centers (GNCs) that is Good Hope, Ngando, CCP Community Center and Kawangware Day. The proportions were 20, 56, 15, and 40 bibles respectively according to the number of children present that day. A bigger number of Children participate in CCP’s Good News Clubs every Saturday; about three hundred and twenty in number but majority were away on this particular day due to the rains that were throughout the day. The rest of the bibles will be given to the children in January 2018 when we resume the GNCs. For the children who managed despite the weather, it was very exciting to own a bible. The center teachers introduced the bibles to the children and presented a copy to each child with a special note and the name of the child already written on it. The children liked the characters used in the stories called the ‘Wayees’ very much. They found the art with which the ‘wayees’ are drawn funny and liked the idea that most are animals they have seen on a TV screen or in reality. The color and design of the book was also appealing to them. The teachers argued the children to take good care of the bibles, read, and carry them to GNC and Sunday school meetings. Thereafter the teachers prayed for the children that the Holy Spirit would reveal the truth in the word of God as the children use these bibles. Violet Waithera from Kawangware Day GNC said she would cover her bible, and not write anything inside it. She would keep it very clean. Vanessa Chepkoech from Good Hope GNC said she would read her bible every morning and every evening before she goes to bed. She also said she would share what she learns from her bible with her family members. Two parents who arrived at Ngando center early to pick up their children were also very fascinated. The mother of Oliver Nittin and the mother of Denis Mukundi observed that the bibles were very beautiful. They expressed gratitude for the gift and blessed the giver. A child from Community Center GNC, Jacinta Waruino said a special thank you to the person who donated the bible. She sent her teachers to tell that person ‘thank you’. She said she would use it to improve their spiritual life and would not forget to carry it every GNC meeting. CCP is grateful to Biblica International [International Bible Society and the worldwide copyright holder of the New International Version of the Bible (NIV)] for this gracious donation. Through it the gospel of Jesus continues to be experienced by the children we serve and their families. .
Teacher Alice Mugure giving a bible to a child in her class in Kawangware Day GNC.
Teacher Geoffrey Ong'ondo giving a bible to a child in his Community Center Good News Club(GNC).
Teacher Irene Kerubo giving a copy of the bible to a child in Ngando Good News Club (GNC).
Teacher Rose Muganda giving the bible to a child in her Good Hope GNC class.
Children in Kawangware Day Good News Club(GNC)showing their new bibles
Teacher Bethlidya and her class pose for a photo with the bibles.
A time of prayer at Ngando Good News Club (GNC).
Some children reading the back cover of the bible in the course of prayer.
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