CCP Academy Eighth Grade Prayer Day
On October 19th CCP held special prayers for twenty, 8th grade candidates of CCP Academy with the theme ‘Yes We Can’. The aim of the prayer day was to encourage the candidates who are preparing for their national examination, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E).The exam will begin on October 31th and end November 2rd.The prayer sessions, presided over by Pastor Francis Lukale of Maranatha Faith Assembles was attended by CCP staff, Parents of grades seven and eight students, grade seven students and the candidates. At the opening of the event, Faith Wayua CCP’s Social Worker and Harriet Mwari CCP’s Communication Coordinator led the people in worship. Pastor Francis encouraged the candidates from the story of Moses in Acts 7:22. It say that even though Moses was born of slave parents and in slavery land by embracing Egyptian education he become might in words and deeds. Moses later wrote the inspired five books of the law that form the basis of the world’s justice. The pastor drew four lessons from this passage as follows: children born of free parents in a free country such as his audience have no reason to despise themselves on the basis of their background. A person’s attitude determines his/her altitude. Resources will mobilize themselves around a hard working individual. If a person changes their outward experiences such as clothes, fashion, residence, extra but has not changed their mind nothing has really changed; if a person changes his mind everything changes. He also quoted Nelson Mandela ‘’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Pastor Francis prayed for each candidate and also invited their parents and guardians to pray for them. Later he blessed them with words of Acts 20:32 "And now I entrust you to God and the message of his grace that is able to build you up and give you an inheritance with all those he has set apart for himself’’(New living Translation). The school Head Teacher Hilda Mwavishi led a session where the outgoing eight grade students passed the baton to the seventh grade students symbolized by lit candles. They charged the seventh grade students to ‘’keep the fire burning’’. Towards the end, CCP’s Finance Director Jacqueline Ngige advised the candidates to answer all the questions asked including those they are not sure of the correct answer. She told them not to be in a rush to finish and hand over the examination paper but to go through it over again. ‘’Every student is uniquely gifted, therefore every grade you acquire is important and will have its place in the society’’. Jacqueline said. She also encouraged the candidates that K.C.P.E is only a stepping stone because great things are yet to come. The family of Welington Chongo, a candidate at CCP Academy surprised the class with a celebration cake sponsored by Welington’s sister Jovita which the students enjoyed very much.
Faith(Left)and Harriet(right)leading worship.
Pastor Francis praying for each candidate.
Parents praying.
Damaris Karugu CCP's Social Worker and parents praying for the candidates.
Keep the fire burning.
Teacher Davis Kidake hugging a candidates.
Wish you all the best cake.
A group photos with the candidate and their teachers.
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