CCP Academy Grade Eight Academic Trip to the Fourteen Falls.
Eighteen grade eight students from CCP Academy had a thrilling educational trip with the theme ‘you can make it’ to the Fourteen Falls in Thika on September 23rd. The tour begun with fun team building activities followed by devotion, a motivational speech at fourteen fall lodge and a view of the fourteen falls. The fun activities facilitated by Faith Wayua, CCP’s social worker helped the candidates deal with different kinds of fears. These activities included a high bridge to cross for those who dread height, swimming for those water phobic ones, jumping on a spring built mat for those who fear falling and much more. All students to conquer their fears by engaging in the activities Afterwards, Harriet Mwari CCP’s Communication Coordinator shared devotion from Philippians 4:6. She encouraged them to pray about any exam anxieties because God promises his peace to his children. She drew a memory verse from Philippians 4:13 that God has given us strength for all things in all situations. The day’s highlight was a motivational speech by Mr. Daniel Kihuria a mathematics teacher from Kinyanjui Road Primary School. He encouraged the students to be courageous, relevant to their context, competitive, curious and of a broad mind set. He explained that a student fails exams because of fear and not because they do not know the correct responses. He defined the word fear as ‘false, evidence, appearing real’. He encouraged the students to set targets, write them on their desks, set their eyes daily on them and compete with self against those targets, . He said studying is not just about absorbing information but learning how to think critically. Later in the day the students had a good time at the fourteen falls. They counted the falls and were amazed at God’s awesome creativity.
Dealing with fear of falling.
Some team building activities.
Teacher Davis running after a student in a game.
The class teacher grade eight Mr.Omondi.
Now dealing with fear of heights.
Someone must learn how to swim today.
Mr. Kihuria giving the motivational speech.
At the fourteen fall.
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