An Experiential Educational Trip
Forty CCP Academy students undertook an experiential educational trip to Nairobi Safari Walk, Langata and Mamba Village, Karen on September 15th, 2017. The Nairobi Safari walk is a showcase of Kenyan’s representative of animals and plants in wetland, savannah and dry forest ecosystem. The pupils saw from a distance a caged Lion, Leopard, Hippo, Rhino, Impala, Zebra, Hyenas and Cheater among others. The pupils took a tour at the Nairobi Safari Walk with the help of Peter Kuloba, a guide at the park. The first exotic species to see was a hippo aged 60 years. “We feed the Hippo with kales, carrots and grass. Also, we change the water after every two weeks because of dung by Hippo”, Peter enlightened the pupils. The best part was when the pupils saw a Warthog moving towards their direction. They were all screaming in excitement as the guide made them know it is not dangerous unless provoked. They later saw the king of the jungle who from afar. Peter made them understand that the Lion is known worldwide for its bravery and courage the reason for its name the king of the jungle. The learnt that the male Lion kill their cubs to feel dominant the reason the Lioness hides them for safety. Afterwards, the students toured Mamba Village where they learnt about Crocodiles and tortoise. Through the help of David the students got to learn that the incubation period of a crocodile is 3-4 months whereby they lay 20-90 eggs. The students learnt that when the crocodile open their mouth is for cooling purposes. They have 46 teeth which are interlocked. The crocodile is known for its meat, eggs, teeth, skin for making shoes and handbags and also for tourist attraction. The crocodile is poisonous in the head, neck and stomach and the only edible parts are its legs. A crocodile costs around 4,800 Kenya shillings and is only licensed to dealers and not for commercial. The students also saw various species of Tortoises where some are herbivores and omnivorous. Their hard shell is for defense and shelter. Mamba village begun in the year 2000 with only five crocodiles and currently they have 61 crocodiles and more than 40 tortoises. Thereafter, the students had fun activities such as trampoline, boat riding and merry-go round at the Mamba Village grounds.
Posing for a group photo
Peter, a tour guide explaining a point to the Pupils
Pupils getting some more information
A Pupil taking some notes
Touching a Tortoise to know the hardness of the shell
Students get to see the Crocodiles
Fun! Fun! at the Trampoline
Boat riding
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