You Need Me I Need You
CCP held its fifth Guardians Training with the topic “You Need Me I Need You”, on September 2nd, 2017 at Maranatha Faith Assemblies Church. The guest speaker, Paul Wagana a Claim Analyst at First Assurance Company began his evangelistic message which emphasized on the three major things that bring harmony between individuals being peace, love and unity. He based the sermon from Psalm 34:14 ‘Depart from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it’. He emphasized on the importance love as God commands us to love everyone according to Galatians 5:14. He urged the guardians to be sensitive especially in their speech around children because words can sow seeds of hatred. ‘’Tribe is a good thing, even Jesus had a tribe. He came from the tribe of Judah but he died for all other tribes,’’ said Paul. He assured the guardians that where there is unity God commands a blessing and long life in line with Psalm 133:1-3. Paul concluded by calling upon guardians to be ambassadors of peace love and unity even as they train their children to be likewise. Everyone is equally important and therefore we need each other in one way or another. Thereafter, Jacqueline Ngige, CCP’s Director of Finance asked the guardians to ensure their children do not miss school and that they complete assignments in time. She explained that it is wrong for the guardians to allow students to stay at home without a concrete reason because this affected their academic performance more so the candidates. She also urged them to take responsibility and follow up on their boy children. Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director admonished the guardians to respect the organization policies while respecting authority. She reminded them that CCP would not take parental responsibility of the sponsored children. ‘Education is important for our children, may the Lord give you grace and wisdom to handle things”, Stella concluded.
Paul, guest speaker puts an emphasis on the theme of the day
Confirming the scriptures
Jacqueline, CCP's Director of Finance addressing the guardians
Guardians listening carefully
At the guardians training
Stella, CCP's Managing Director urging the guardians to follow CCP policy
A time of prayer
Giving God Adoration
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