CCP Staff Trains on Program for Pastoral Instructions (PPI)
Twenty nine trainees including 22 CCP staff, six teachers from three schools in Kawangware and a pastor trained on Program for Pastoral Instructions (PPI), a program of Scripture Union (SU) Kenya. The training held on May 12th aimed at equipping the group to run effective PPI sessions in schools. The training facilitated by Rev. Paul Muoki, the National Children and Youth Coordinator covered three main areas being introduction of PPI, its objectives and the challenges PPI faces in schools. Rev. Paul explained PPI program as an opportunity the Government of Kenya gives Christians to share their faith with school children in an organized, systematic and progressive way. He differentiated PPI from Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) lessons in that C.R.E is an academic subject not particularly interested to evangelize to the children while PPI is a faith based session where it is okay to lead children to Christ. However, the children must not be forced into a PPI and parents’ consent must be sought. PPI curriculum is class based or age appropriate and materials for different denominations such as the Protestants, Roman Catholic and the Seventh Day Adventist are available so that children and placed where they feel comfortable. Research findings shared at the training show that children between the ages of 4-14 years are among the unreached people groups in the world yet the most receptive to the gospel hence the 4-14 window. Rev. Paul encouraged the team to utilize this opportunity to evangelize to the children. PPI objectives included helping children understand the God’s word, have a personal relationship with Christ, fellowship with God, know what they believe, know why they believe what they know and lead a useful Christian Life in the community. PPI program in schools faced challenges such as time allocation in the school timetable and lack of enough teaching materials for teachers to use during the lessons as well as lack of research to advance the lessons. The program is also volunteer driven hence many people lacked the motivation to teach. Rev. Paul encouraged PPI teachers to focus on Christ the center of the Gospel and not allow themselves to be distracted by theological debates. Jared Kataka, Nairobi County Coordinator introduced PPI materials available at Scripture Union, their cost and use per class. He also encouraged the participants to minister to the children with commitment. Stella Mwangi, CCP’s Managing Director thanked all the participants as well as the facilitators. She also extended an invite through the participants and their churches to join CCP in the successive children workers trainings in the month of June. CCP also donated three sets of the PPI curriculum to the three schools represented in the training being Maranatha School-Kabiro, Marantha School-Gatina and MCK Academy.
Sharing some light moment
Joy as Methodist Church in Kenya (MCK Academy) show off their PPI Materials
Maranatha School, Gatina excited to receive PPI Materials
Jared introducing the PPI material
Rev. Paul introducing the PPI books
A group photo
The participants listening carefully
Stella, CCP's Managing Director giving a word of appreciatiation
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