CCP Staff tour to the Game Park & Kazuri Beads Factory
August 26th, 2017 will remain in the hearts of 34 CCP staff as the team had an experiential day dubbed “Relaxation and Appreciation”. The staff took a game drive to the Nairobi National Park; one of Kenya’s capital city’s captivating tourist attraction then visited the Kazuri Beads factory and ending the day with a delicious meal at the Hub Mall in Karen shopping center. The staff started their day at 6:30am setting off for a three hours game drive experience at the national park. The staff saw at a close range variety of wild animals such as: Giraffes, Zebras, Antelopes, Gazelles, herds of Buffalos, Ostriches, and Rhinos among others. The climax of the experience was the scene of two lionesses with their seven cubs feasting hungrily on a Zebra carcass. The lionesses were very protective as they watched over their cubs feed to their fill. It was a big and first experience because most staff had never seen so many lions at close range. Thereafter, the team set off to Impala picnic site inside the park where they had their 10’oclock tea. The team then set off for their next surprise location the Kazuri Beads Factory where they experienced a wonderful guided tour of bead making process led by Joseph, a staff at the factory. He explained the history of Kazuri beads and the impact the project has had over the years over the lives of the staff that work at the factory. He then took the staff through the step by step process of making the beads from clay preparation to the final products. Kazuri was started in 1975 by Susan Woods working with only two ladies. Today the project has over 300 permanent employees, with a special emphasis on single women who are either, widows, separated or divorced. Joseph explained that the raw material for the beads and pottery work is clay specifically from Nyeri in Mt. Kenya. The clay in its raw form is takes through different refining processes before its ready for modelling into different shapes of beads or made into cups plates and animals which then glazed and processed through fire into final products ready for sale locally and also for exports into different countries. Joy engulfed the staff as they received a surprised gift of their choice at the Kazuri beads shop courtesy of the organization. “It was a unique staff outing with surprises,” said Damaris, a social worker. Then team then headed to the Hub Mall where they were treated to KFC’s finger licking chips and chicken as well as Pizza from Dominos. Pizza was the highlight of the lunch as many were trying it for the very first time while some do not eat it often. Towards the end, the team participated in a few games and later on the staff thanked CCP management for organizing the trip. “We appreciate all of you and the role you play in CCP. Each one of you holds a special place in our hearts”, Stella commended the staff.
A group photo of CCP Staff at the National Park
Cubs feasting on the hunted Zebra
A tour guide at the Kazuri Bead Factory
Beautiful Beads
Enjoying Pizza
Fun time
CCP Staff shopping for their surprised gift
The remains of burnt Ivory by the Kenyan Goverment
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