August High Schoolers Meeting
Twenty nine high school students each with their parents attended CCP’s second high schoolers meeting this year held at Maranatha Community Church on August 5th. The meeting intended to reward good performance and encourage those who are trailing behind was attended by all CCP ministry coordinators and the directors. A devotion from story of David and Goliath in 1Samuel 17shared by CCP’s Communication Coordinator, Harriet Mwari encouraging the students and parents with emphasis that winning is a state of the mind and the conviction of the heart. ‘We apply ourselves to any task with a strength equivalent to the amount of conviction in our hearts that we will be successful in it. There were no doubts in David’s mind that he would slay the giant with the help of the Lord’ she said. CCP’s sponsorship coordinator Betty Opati encouraged the students to focus on education during this season that God has given them through the privilege of sponsorship. She also encouraged the students and parents to be more proactive in facilitating the office with the right information such as the fee structures, school newsletters, any changes in school fees and other school requirements in good time to allow the office respond in good time. Mable Umali CCP’s Medical coordinator talked about the need to prevent self from sickness while in school so that no lessons are missed. She encouraged the students keep warm, avoid spoilt foods and to report any medical issues of concern. CCP’S Education Coordinator Benard Okoth explained the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) CCP has with all its High school students. He reminded the students that they are expected to maintain their Kenya National Primary Certificate (K.C.P.E) average grade throughout high school. In case they drop in performance it is expected that, the drop will go two grades below. Other aspects of the MOU discussed included that the student is expected to obey the school rules and also attend CCP’s spiritual programs whenever they are home. Benard encouraged them to revise all the previous test papers during this holiday and seek assistance from the office. He also relayed the good news that CCP had resourced the library with many relevant high school books and it was open for the students to do their studies. Letisha Orudi , Kefah Kariuki and Ashley Khavushirwa were applauded for having participated in their Schools’ extra curriculum activities last term. Letisha had participated in Drama Festival to the national level, Kefah was in schools’ Basketball while Ashely had done an Agriculture project (a modern chicken coop) and ranked position 3 out of 150 participants. Stella Mwangi CCP’s Managing Director acknowledged that there was a general improvement in performance from an aggregate of D+ the previous term to an aggregate of C-. She encouraged the students to work hard and also hang around people who aid them to be better.’’ Life is about strategy. You can only achieve if you have a specific target and you are consistently working towards it,’’ she said. Jacqueline Ngige CCP’s Financer Director talked about the importance of a form four certificate which was critical and among the primary documents one is asked to produce in most job interviews. She also emphasized the need for good character and encouraged the students to be more self-driven. She rewarded all students who had improved their performance with even as little as a single mark with money.
Prayer first.
Parents and students in attendance.
Attentive listening.
Betty Opati CCP's Sponsorship Coordinator addressing the meeting.
Letisha Orudi acknowledged for participating in drama at school.
Kefah Kariuki(right)later appreciated for participating in basket ball at school.
Listening to the sharing of God's word
Guardian sitting next to her daughter
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