APU Trains CCP Staff on Basic Counseling Skills
On July 15th, 31 CCP staff participated in a half day Basic Counselling Skills training facilitated by Dr. Sheryn Scott assisted by Toni Caddell held at CCP Academy. (Dr. Scott is a professor in counselling Psychology at Azusa Pacific University (APU) and Toni is a 3rd year doctorate student of counselling psychology at the same University.) The training covered three basic skills of counselling which included; Observation, Listening and Reflecting. Dr. Scott explained Observing as noticing the behavior and the movements of the client’s body parts without making any judgment about them. On listening, the counsellor is supposed to listen to both the content and the feelings of the client. The kind of listening required in this process is active such that both the verbal and non-verbal communication of the client is heard. The counsellor needs to be very patient for this to happen. About Reflection, the counselor needs to summarize the sharing of the client to confirm that what has been heard is exactly what has been said. In this process the counsellor should not bring up anything that the client has not talked. This client is assured the counsellor has followed through their sharing and incase the counsellor has left out an important details the client get an opportunity to brings it up a second time. At the end CCP’s Director of finance Jacqueline Nyakio pointed out to the staff that all the clients need is listening and care.’’ Remember you might be the only pillar our guardians and children are looking up to’ Said Jacqueline. She also reminded the staff on the importance of self- care so that they are strong and emotionally able to support the clients.
CCP staff Betty(right)and Hannah(left)introducing themselves
Dr.Scott(right) and Toni(left)
CCP staff Saidi asking a question
Dr. Scott and Toni demonstrate a counseling session
CCP staff discussing in a small group
Toni summarizing the main points on the board.
Staff Practicing a counseling session
Jacqueline making her remarks
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