CCP Holds Day Two of Children Workers Training
June 17th saw day two of “Children Ministry Intermediate Level Training” for children workers continue with Scripture Union, Kenya. The training held at Maranatha Faith Assemblies Kabiro brought together 47 participants from CCP staff and Sunday school teachers from five churches. During devotion, Pastor Francis Ongeri of Deliverance Church, Solid Rock encouraged the participants reminding them that they are citizens and members of God’s household. The training covered three topics namely: Child and Youth Protection, How Children and Youth Learn and Bible Clubs. The ‘Child and Youth Protection’ enlightened participants that each institution dealing with children is required by law to have a Child Protection Policy. Revered Paul Muoki explained that Child Protection Policies in Kenya are derived from the Kenya Framework of Child Protection Policy. He said this particular framework was adopted from Africa Rights of Children (ARC) which was formed from the Convection of Rights of Children (CRC). He emphasized that Child Protection Policy should cover protection from physical abuse (deliberate physical injury to a child), emotional abuse (persistent ill treatment of a child), spiritual abuse (cohesion, threats and pressure to respond to the message of the gospel or punishment for not participating in worship) and neglect (failure to meet physical and psychological needs of a child). Transitioning to “Children and Youth Learn” session, Millicent Mwikali challenged children workers to be authentic, to think big and see children’s potential. She encouraged them to foster curiosity in the learners mind through fun, challenges and surprises. She emphasized the need to incorporate different teaching methods such as Word, Music, Logic and Math, Space and Vision, Body, People, Self, and Nature; which she referred to as ‘Multiple Intelligences’ as put forward by Howard Gardener. She also noted from research that when children hear they only retain 10% of the message, when they hear and see they retain50%, when they hear, see and do they retain 70% and when they hear, see, do and teach someone else they retain 90% of the message. She said that every child is intelligent and what made the difference in learning is the ability of the teacher to balance the ‘what ‘and ‘how’ of the message. At the end Rev. Paul talked about Bible Clubs defining them as Christian groups that encourage children for Bible study and practice of Christian life. He referred the clubs as discipleship tools that should accommodate children from all faiths and backgrounds. He advised bible club teachers to focus the attention of the children on Christ rather than denominational disagreements such as the correct way of baptism, speaking in tongues, and church governance.
Pst. Fredrick CCP's Spiritual Coordinator leading the opening prayer.
Pst.Ongeri of Deliverance Church sharing devotion
A time of praise through songs
A game the demonstrates the trust children have on teachers
Rev. Paul training
Millicent training
There were some refreshments as well
A power point demonstration of multiple intelligences
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