CCP Appreciates the Mc Gees' Sponsors Visit
CCP hosted Kelsey & Justin Mc Gee who sponsor a child for 4 days as they visited Kenya for their family Vacation. They spent time visiting their sponsor child and family, helped the slow learners at CCP Academy as well as gave a generous financial donation to go towards CCP’s children story books, revision books and teachers resource materials. The married couple also sponsored another two children and took all the four children on a tour to Girraffe Center, and David Sheldrick’s. They also participated in shopping, took the CCP Academy teachers out for dinner as well as visited the Good News Clubs. CCP would like to appreciate Kelsey and Justin for their visit, sponsoring an additional two children and for boosting the children reading skills through the purchase of books.
justin helping at pupil at CCP Academy
Kelsey and Justin Visits Mercy's home
Outing at the Giraffe Center
Kelsey at one of the Kawangware day GNC's classes.
Thank you for Lunch
Thank you for books
Visiting Kefah Kariuki at World Hope High school.
At the CCP office
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